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Happy Earth Day!

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Today we're celebrating our most prized possession, our Earth! It gives us so much and asks for so little in return. It's time for us to notice even the littlest things we can do to help make this a better planet for us and the generations to come.

Back in March,  we shared some startling facts about the United States usage of paper towels. Check out the blog post and our infomation graphic here. Even before I knew the numbers, I had created The Everyday Napkin in hopes to encourage people to use less paper. Jake and I stopped using paper napkins a few years ago and recycle as much as we can. By using cloth napkins every day during our meals (big or small), we're simply reducing our waste. Our trash can is no longer filled with barely-used paper napkins and paper towels. We may not be "saving the world" but we are thinking twice and doing what we can on a daily basis . . . and in style! Landfills just don't sit well with me.

Today we want to highlight a 4 minute TED Talk, shared by my friend Lindsay, with an interesting and simple method you can adopt not just today but every day. It's called, "shake and fold". Easy. In this light-hearted short TED talk, Joe Smith makes the point that you only need 1 paper towel in public restrooms, rather than grabbing a handful which we are all guilty of. In this case, less is more. You'll think twice when you over use paper towels not only in public restrooms but also in your home. 

Where are your Everyday Napkins? The numbers are astronomical. Swop your paper towels with Everyday Napkins

571,230,000 pounds could be saved if you used 1 less paper towel each day!

Happy Earth Day!