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be more kind. USE A canvas lunch bag.

We talked to Celia Ristow of Litterless, on living more simply and how to start making an impact with zero-waste.



Our linens are carefully cut, sewn, and finished by hand in our Boston studio. Don't be fooled by our simplicity, it takes great attention to detail and care to create our goods.

Our simple yet unique sizes means less space, less fuss, and easier to use every day. We believe you don’t need as much as you might be use to. We believe that napkins are ok on the table for everyday meals and large lap napkins are a things of the past.

Our sizes allow us to use as much of or sometimes all parts of the fabric creating more product and less waste in our studio. Whatever remnants are left, can be purchased for projects of your own.


If you invest in cloth, you will not only see your paper napkin and paper towel spending decrease, but you will be doing good for our planet. Using paper products more often than necessary has a large impact on our environment. Recycling or buying recycled paper products is not enough. The production of paper products like paper towels is detrimental to our environment.

By using cloth napkins and hand towels every day, you’ll feel good about not only saying money, but being more kind to the earth. We recommend starting with a set of six Signature or Dinner napkins.


We intentionally curate found fabrics that are neutral, simple, and livable. When we search for dead stock fabrics (using what's available vs. making new fabric) the weight, feel and quality of the fabric is always taken in consideration. We take the extra time to prewash all of our fabrics for softness that feels broken in.

Our goal is that our simple design construction and signature finishes compliment your own personal style.

Our goods are meant to be well loved and only get better with time. 


How do I place a custom order?
Custom orders for HOME can be sent to us here. Custom orders for WEDDINGS & EVENTS can be requested here.

Can your products be machine washed?
Our goods are meant to be livable and used every day. With the exception of our hand-stitched Handkerchiefs, toss your Signature Napkins, Dinner Napkins, Hand Towels, and Baby Burpies into the wash. You can leave them to air dry or toss them in the dryer on medium to low. If you forget any of these settings, our goods will be just fine.

How do they do with stains?
Like anything else in your home or kitchen towel collection, they will stain with things like red sauce. Now that doesn't mean pasta dinners and taco nights are out because they aren't here! Spray our goods with a stain remover (we like Honest Stain Remover—easy to apply) and toss in the wash. 

When should I expect my order to ship?
Most order get fulfilled within in 48 hours. If you place your order on a Friday afternoon, it will ship Monday the latest.

Can I add a monogram?
Yes! Almost anything we make can be monogrammed including Lunch Totes and Throw Pillows. We stitch our monograms by hand in either the same color as the finished edge or in a color of your choice. If it's a product that does not have a monogram option at checkout, email us with the details of your monogram or customization after you place the order. We will follow up with a link to purchase the extra monogram/customization.

What are some common uses for Everyday Napkins?
Our Signature Napkins are perfect for meals of all sizes, snacks on-the-go, picnics and the beach. They are the perfect cloth napkin for your kids lunch boxes and teaching them to be kind to the environment. Our Dinner Napkins, sized slightly larger than our Signature Napkins, are great for casual everyday dinners.

Where are your goods made?
Our Everyday Napkins, Hand Towels, Coasters, Throw Pillows, Baby Burpies and Handkerchiefs are all handmade in our Boston studio. We pre-wash, cut, sew and finish all of our goods with quality and care. We have consciously made the choice not to make our goods in factories. This ensures quality and the ability to customize products for our customers. To place a custom order go here.

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Photography by Lara Woolfson, Erin McGinn, Gabriella Riggieri, Tiffany Von, and The Everyday Co. for The Everyday Co.