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We're at Greentail Table in Newton, MA!

Kathryn YeeComment

We are so excited to have two limited edition collections at Greentail Table in Newton, Mass.! Linda de Valpine, owner and curator of the shop, couldn't make our Launch Party at West Elm, but she loved our product and thought they would be the perfect fit among her amazing selection of table top goods.


From the moment I stepped into Greentail Table I noticed Linda's eye for mixing textures and colors. She's not afraid of color and layering materials and gives you plenty of ideas for your kitchen! Her shop is filled with beautiful blues, oranges, whites and shades of summer! Her signature orange in her logo and exterior signature stood out so much so I knew we had to create a collection that included the Greentail orange! We did just that with a special khaki cotton with a unique salvage edge. Then we did a juicy colorful set mixing our 100% white linen and Black Cotton Chambray—especially fun for a birthday party, ice cream party, hostess gift or summer cocktails! 

While collaborating on these two special collections for Greentail Table, I had a chance to ask Linda why she loved The Everyday Napkin! Here's what she had to say. . .


What caught your attention about The Everyday Napkin?

To begin with, I am a big fan of cloth napkins. The unusual size and beautiful fabrics and detailing of The Everyday Napkin totally reeled me in! Once I learned more about the concept, I was totally sold.  

What do you love most about The Everyday Napkin?

I love the local and green aspects of the napkins. To top it all off, they feel as beautiful in your hand as they are to your eye!


What products do you see pairing well with The Everyday Napkin?

Since Greentail Table focuses on tabletop and home entertaining wares, I see The Everyday Napkin as being especially fabulous and key for entertaining. The napkins pair well with our gorgeous glassware—from wine to aperitif to tumblers. I also like the scale of the napkins and see them being a lovely, functional accessory for our Menu dinnerware—particularly great for the lunch plates! The Everyday Napkin will also coordinate nicely with all of our Modern-Twist silicone placemats, as well as with our other unique brands of table linens. The genius of The Everyday Napkin is in it’s simplicity and versatility.

What are your favorite Everyday Napkin styles?

Since we are fortunate to have worked with Kathryn to create our own custom color scheme, which is a nod to our brand, that is my current favorite style! However, I am a big fan of the Half & Half Spring Collection with its crisp linen coupled with soft pastel, sorbet-like colors—some of which will be incorporated along with chambray in our initial offering.  I also love the Launch Collection in Citron with the bold graphic punch of design and color! 


What are you most excited about with having your own custom color and style with The Everyday Napkin?

It’s very exciting to be able to offer our own custom color and style of The Everyday Napkin at Greentail Table because not only does it capture our brand visually, it also represents inherently what our brand stands for—clean, simple, modern design, of high quality, that enhances your lifestyle. We love products that are aesthetically pleasing, functional, and help to provide the setting and/or backdrop for creating memories with your friends and family.

Citron, Aqua, Pink Coral & White on 100% White Linen & Black Chambray

Citron, Aqua, Pink Coral & White on 100% White Linen & Black Chambray