The Everyday Co.



As much as we wish they were—our products are not indestructible. They are handmade and caring for them means you’ll get the most out of them.

Gently wash all goods with like colors and fabrics.

Our goods are pre-washed; however, some natural shrinking may occur over time.

Pre-treating stains with a safe, hard-working stain remover works great before washing. Tomato sauce will be tomato sauce.

Wash gently with like colors on cool or eco warm. Low to medium soil and a gentle spin.

You can also hand wash our goods.

signature, dinner & Hand Towels

For all the "pressed look" lovers out there, lay flat to dry. I find laying them on top of your dryer while it's running works the best but laying them to dry anywhere works. Linen dries pretty quickly. If they find themselves in the dryer, remove immediately and press flat with your hands and stack.

For Hand Towels, hang right back in your kitchen, bath or studio.

For a softer feel, dry in your dryer. After being tossed around for a bit, they won't come out perfectly flat but press out the four corners with your hands and they will relax on their own. Linen is pretty forgiving and relaxes over time if stacked. Our Signature Napkins, especially, are meant to be casual and used often.

Pressing is always optional. I opt out while my mom likes to iron hers.

Shrinkage happens. Some of our fabrics will come down in size more than others. Most cottons dry flat.


Monogrammed handkerchiefs are best hand-washed. All monograms are stitched by hand. Treat with care.


Unzip and toss in the wash. Treat stains immediately and when necessary. We've designed them to be lived in.

Pillowcases & Baby Blankets

Wash gently or in a mesh bag. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Remove immediately.