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Faith's Daily Finds . . . The Everyday Napkin!

Wow! This was a big surprise!

Interacting with customers (both at the retail and wholesale level)  has been the most fun and rewarding part of now owning and operating a product business. You quickly learn what their purchasing decisions are and the reasons why they either love (or don't love) your product. Its especially awesome when they find YOU and fall in love with you. Without any convincing you know they just get it and that feels good. Lucky for us, that happens more often than not and that's what happened here with Thursday's feature on the kitchn

Jake and I had just left for Rhode Island Thursday morning to indulge in yet another cake tasting, which always turns out to be our 12pm breakfast, AND to get our marriage license in Newport! How exciting, right?! Very.

Well, not too long after we got into the thick of 93 South bumper to bumper, I get an email from a loyal Everyday Napkin customer down in Philadelphia. He (Yes, he! We're his go-to-gift for saying, thank you) writes to me, "I shared The Everyday Napkin with the Executive Editor of the kitchn  . . . and she featured them as one of her daily finds today!" Wait . . . WHAT?! Our eyes lit up . . . 

Chances are, you've heard of or are already a fan of Apartment Therapy. Well, this is her sister blog for amazing recipes and food inspiration!

Sure enough just one click away there we were in the praise of Executive Editor, Faith Durand, "The Best Cloth Napkins for Your Lunchbox"!!! She calls out our unique size perfect size for on-the-go, especially lunchboxes—adult and kids versions! We consciously chose this size because we not only stand behind less waste, we feel you don't need as much as you think or that you are use to with traditional, lap-sized cloth napkins. Click below to read more of what Faith has to say! 

Faith, you'll be sure a set WILL land on your desk very soon. Thank YOU for loving US.