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simplifying your life with the everyday napkin

Kathryn YeeComment

When we first came up with the idea of The Everyday Napkin, we weren't preaching eco living. We were talking about its ease of use and compact size making it a great home goods product for small spaces and city living. They stack nicely on your counter vs. taking up draw or closet space in your kitchen.


Over the past 8 months as our business as grown, we started to highlight the environmental benefits of The Everyday Napkin. Less paper, less landfill waste. Did you know you use on average between 2,400 and 3,000 paper towels a year? Just think twice when you go for a paper towel. Less material, less excess. Did you know we use remnant fabric we find in bulk instead of using unnecessary energy to produce our own?


Today, after our mini photoshoot with Lara Woolfson of Studio Nouveau for our West Elm LOCAL Collection, I thought more about how living should be easy, kind, simple and stylish. I know, for most of us, this is not the case. Our days are consumed with just the opposite—noise, distractions, excess and stress. And often times, products that promise to make life easier make life more complicated. 

How we live is directly impacted by the choices we make. Simplifying your life can range from "unplugging" to being OK with imperfect or freezing meals for another day. Let's start with creating a home that inspires you to unwind and makes space for you to redirect your energy. 

In the past we stocked the paper, cocktail and traditional, over-sized cloth napkin in our home. From the feedback of our customers, it's for all the reasons why we love The Everyday Napkin that is resulting in a smarter, more simple (yet still stylish) way of live. Our cloth napkins are perfect for every day at any time of day without thinking twice about it. Our simple design and touch of color, transition from breakfast to afternoon snack, lunchtime to dinnertime, and are equally fit for entertaining and celebrating. The Everyday Napkin is like your favorite go-to outfit that takes you from day to night.

A simple home; a better you. Streamline your life and then love the way you live again.



Photography by Lara Woolfson, Studio Nouveau