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Our First Podcast with Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast

Kathryn YeeComment

Like many of you, I enjoy listening to Podcasts especially while working in the studio. There are thousands out there but I’ve found that I stick with the ones that share a wide range of perspectives, thoughts, stories of success and failure. They keep me motivated, inspired, and updated on current events. ‘How I Built This’ is one of my favorites, but my podcast of choice right now is ‘The Dave Chang Show’ hosted by Momofuku and Netflix’s ‘Ugly Delicious’ creator Dave Chang. Dave is interesting, honest, a great story teller (the kind that makes you feel like you’re the only one in the room with him) and well, Asian. So, I feel like I can relate to some of the things he discusses about Asian upbringing and culture. In his podcast, he interviews a wide range of personalities and perspectives that are all raw, provoking and inspiring. Check it out.

Well earlier this Summer I got invited to share our story on Monica Woodman’s, founder of Confessions Media, ‘Influencer Girl Lifestyle Podcast’. Monica shares the stories of influential women and entrepreneurs so I was super flatter to be invited. We chatted about how we got started, my favorite products, and the most innovative aspect of our business. Warning: my public speaking weak point is “…um”s. But I’ll say this: If I can inspire someone out there the way these Podcasts have inspired me, I’m glad I had my first experience. And I had a lot of fun doing it! Thank you, Monica!

Without further ado, check out my first podcast interview here and enjoy a 20% discount just for listening and being a fan! Discount code revealed at the end of the episode.