The Everyday Co.


Stylish cloth napkins for every day and every occasion, cut from found fabrics and handmade in Massachusetts

Photo by Arielle Doneson

Photo by Arielle Doneson


For as long as I can remember, family dinner was non-negotiable. My parents owned the only drug store in Sherborn, Massachusetts for almost twenty years. Seven days a week, my siblings and I grew up watching our parents turn a small-town apothecary in Sherborn, Mass. into a multi-million dollar business, but our family time was never sacrificed. We sat together every night to enjoy my mother’s home-cooked meals and wiped our mouths with nothing but paper napkins. Family time was always important but we never took a moment to recognize that the products we were using were affecting our environment.

Today, as we grow families and build happy homes of our own, we realize that we can all be more kind to the earth. From breakfast to cocktails, picnics to weekend trips, the products we use are equally as important to the memories we make while using them. The Everyday Napkin was born from a Bash Studio event and designed to use less material than traditional cloth napkins making them easy to stack and use every day. Cut into small batches from found fabrics, we use much of the material including the salvage. Simply designed for function and style, The Everyday Napkin is perfect for every day and for any occasion.

Handmade by me, my mom and a small team of passionate makers, our products are just the beginning of our vision to create a brand for simple living with a mission to use less. 

Today we have expanded the line from our Signature Napkins and Dinner Napkins to Hand Towels, Pillowcases and Baby Blankets. Pillowcases and Baby Blankets launching soon but available now upon request.

Thank you for reading our story, believing in our product and our mission.

REASONS TO LOVE the everyday napkin & OUR CLOTH GOODS

It’s our mission to design a beautiful product that brings style into your every day while helping reduce landfill waste. These are the details that we feel make our product so unique . . .


Once we discover a new fabric, we pair each fabric with a handful of color options. The contrasting finishes usually migrate from season to season but every piece is hand-finished with our signature details. We design our collections to make it easy for you to mix and match our cloth Everyday Napkins with your existing home decor, or evolve your Everyday Napkin collection over time. Everyday Napkins are a simple way of adding a pop of color to your table setting, everyday meal or special occasion.

our unique sizes

Our size is unique to traditional table linens but not to a paper napkin. Our Signature Everyday Napkin is cut to a 7 inch square making them easy to stack and use for any sized meal. Stack them on your kitchen counter, in your pantry or on your wet bar for entertaining. Toss them in with your no-waste lunch, picnic basket or beach bag for on-the-go meals and breakfast. Our simple design makes them great for kids school lunch boxes and snacks.

Our Dinner Napkin are designed to use less too. Size at 10.5" squares, they are perfect for folding in half or pulling through a napkin ring for a set table. 

We truly believe you don't need as much as you think you need and more is not always necessary.


Our napkins are carefully cut and sewn right in our studio here in Boston, Massachusetts by me, my mother, our lead maker. We prewash, cut, and finish each piece by hand to ensure quality, care and the highest level of craftsmanship. All of our products are carefully looked over before they make it to your home.


We take the extra step and time to pre-wash all of our linens, cottons and twill fabrics. This helps soften the fabrics and remove most of the shrinkage before they get to you. This is not something that's done with many products but it's an important part of our process.


Not only are our napkins reusable (and not paper filling a landfill) we have chosen to repurpose (or upcycle) existing fabrics instead of making our own. This was a conscious decision we made early on that allows us to cut back on energy and keep our carbon footprint a little smaller. We use almost every part of the fabric including its selvage—my favorite detail. All of our fabrics are carefully selected from local dealers in Boston, New York, San Francisco and LA. 


Photo by Arielle Doneson

Photo by Arielle Doneson


We truly believe that when it comes to quality, it’s the things you don’t see that sometimes make the biggest difference. With each napkin, from the creation of each collection to the craftsmanship, we insist on making our product with love. 

When I'm not overseeing the many facets of the company and strategizing our next move, I'm looking to fashion, textiles and trends, to inform the next collection. I am  always on the hunt  for fabrics that feel good and look great. The process is organic but the  finishing touches make it special. While I am the creator and visionary for The Everyday Co., I have a team that makes up our family.

Por-Por (maternal grandmother in Chinese, pronounced Poa-Poa) is one of my biggest inspirations for my business. My Por-Por came to the United States after getting married at a very young age. She left her home country to start a life in Quincy, Massachusetts and support her four children making garments. For most of her career as a seamstress, my grandmother sat at the first sewing machine at the factory which she worked. This seat designated the factory's top sewer. I remember as a little girl she would make me little cotton shorts and matching vests (yes, vests!) that I wore so proudly (a true little fashionista). Her outfits were such a hit, she made them for my fraternal cousins too. I hope she looks down on us proudly. 

Betty. My amazing do-it-all mom. Betty and I started playing around with this idea of a smaller cloth napkin that was easier, more fun an a lot more casual than a formal dinner napkin. She helped us get the initial sizes right, process perfected and every step nailed down. She made sure thousands of napkins were made with quality and care our entire first year of business. The Everyday Napkin wouldn't be where it is today without her skills and big heart.

Caitlin Topham. Our lead sewer of our beautiful product. Caitlin joined The Everyday Co. in December 2015. She's been trained by Betty and continues the same process. She carefully and meticulously cuts, irons and sews each napkin. Once each napkin is sewn, she finishes and inspects it's construction before they are packaged and shipped to you. Together, Caitlin and I brainstorm upcoming collections, color ways and new product. Saying that Caitlin loves to sew would be an understatement. We are so lucky to have Caitlin a part of our small but mighty team.

Jake Cacciapaglia. My husband and biggest fan but also our spread sheet guy who helps me understand the other half of the business. We are so lucky to have his entrepreneurial spirit on our side. He's equally passionate about the product as he is about our numbers and making sure we succeed. You will never see him without an Everyday Napkin in his pocket whether it be a board meeting or the weekend.

Friends & Family. It takes a village to grow a business. I have the love and support of my family and friends who have helped us at every step of the way. I am so grateful for these people . . . 

You. The Everyday Napkin is growing every single day because of people like you who have taken notice and support us along the way. Your thoughts and feedback are important to the success of our business. We are constantly improving our product and its nuances as we learn. And we are especially inspired by our fans who share their napkins with the world. We are grateful for you and your support.

We are always looking to grow our team with the right people who believe in our mission, the bigger picture and who are passionate and hard-working. If you are interested in learning more about The Everyday Co. or joining our team, please do not hesitate to contact us.